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Mashtal: Nurture your Venture

An initiative by Daerat-ul-Talebaat-ul- Mumenaat Mashtal in Arabic means nursery .Nursery with blooming plants The noble idea of uplifting women entrepreneurs was conceived with the raza and dua mubarak of Shz.Husainah baisaab(D.M). Who envisioned of providing a platform for business and exposure to all the blooming as well as established mumenaat entrepreneurs.

The Expo was planned with this very intention as to provide an opportunity to develop small-scale/ household businesses of mumenaat where they use their ‘Hunar’ (skills) to support their families and a way to achieve excellence in their respective fields. With the goal of being a non-profitable project and the ultimate intention to use the finance profited for the development of such industries. Since its commencement in 2018, Mashtal has successfully extended financial support to many rising ventures.

Mashtal not only tries provide business opportunities but also inculcate the idea and knowledge of how to seek rizq in the right way as per the shariat, by working with an Unwaan (theme) in every expo.

Mashtal has also tried to move our community by taking baby steps towards awareness of Environmental issues which impact living beings globally and reducing its carbon footprint by promoting campaigns like GO GREEN, SAY NO TO PLASTIC. Thus, Mashtal works on uplifting women businesses financially and helps them to grow holistically in their moral and social grounds and thus seek blessings of our Beloved Aqa Moula (tus) .

The global event is unique for any business women aiming expansion, create and strengthen their international image.